Professional Services & Integrated Solutions “ProSIS“ was established back in 2008 by a group of highly qualified and committed professionals with the ambition to excel in meeting the customer’s needs.

Our know how, vast experience, track record, and customer focused approach makes ProSIS uniquely qualified to offer viable and robust IT security solutions that meet business objectives of various organizations and provide protection to their investments and network infrastructures.

 Market Understanding: Our individual past history and extensive experience in the region has given us a thorough understanding pertaining to the needs and requirements of the market. We recommend viable solutions to our clients keeping in view their organizational objectives and latest technology development across the globe.

 Customer Focused: In order to achieve excellence in quality, it is imperative to have a focused approach towards our clients. We work with limited number of customers so that we can focus all our energies and commitment to a selected segment of the market.

 Relationship Selling: We believe in developing strong relationship with our customers and our sales professionals maintain this relationship to the best of their abilities. We always encourage our clients to provide their valuable feedback to us so that we can improve our existing standards and services.

Mission Statement:

A number of IT projects are not delivering the required objectives – reason being:

 Lack of understanding between product vendors, service providers, and customers.

 Decisions are influenced by Hype and brand names, not by need. Addressing the Information Security aspect of IT, we are committed to fulfill these gaps, acting as an integral partner with our customers by:

 Studying the customer’s appropriate InfoSec requirements

 Educating the customers with the right information and implementing the solutions accordingly ProSIS is committed to achieve the following


 Build strong business partnership with selected IT security vendors

 Establish international & regional alliances with the preferred solution providers

 Act as integral partners with customers on a Win/Win basis

 Create IT Security awareness in the region.

 Foster an environment for building IT security technology in the region

 Transfer knowledge to the IT sector

 Becoming one of the leading IT security companies in the Region