KeyTalk is a European IT Security company, founded in 2004 and is 100% Dutch. From our headquarters in the Netherlands, we are active worldwide, with partners and resellers spread across all continents. Our software development and ethical hacking teams are based in the Netherlands, Sweden and India.

The need for certificates, identity management, access control, account authorization and that’s all that we need to explain to you – it goes without saying. The incredible amount of work that this entails for some organizations? That’s certainly not self-evident.

There’s really another way. Better, faster. Efficiently and easily. That’s what KeyTalk is committed to.

“KeyTalk: Simply the best
PKI Management Platform
in the world“

KeyTalk provides you with 100% control over your PKI management. So that mistakes, sometimes with far-reaching consequences, are prevented. How we do this and what the KeyTalk Certificate Key Management System (CKMS) can do for your organization, we are happy to provide you with more information. For more info about KeyTalk visit KeyTalks’s website.

ProSIS is KeyTalk’s executive partner in Egypt.


  •  TLS/SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management
  •  Secure Email Service
  •  Device Authentication